Shamanic Healing Program

Sasha's recommended healing offering. 

A four-session series (once a month, once a week, or individualized). 

Session 1: Private hands-on Reiki 

Session 2: Past Life Regression 

Session 3: Shamanic Soul Retrieval 

Session 4: Mushroom Ceremony

Hands-On Reiki

Book a private hands-on Reiki session to balance your energy chakras. These sessions can take place in Sasha's Blue Ridge office, a river session, or a mountain session. 

Crystal work, card readings, meditation, sound, and hands-on Reiki are all included in the two-hour session. 


A Blessingway, also known as a Mother's Blessing, is a pregnancy and motherhood ceremony that focuses on the mother as opposed to the baby. A group of her closest friends will gather to honor her pregnancy and journey into motherhood at a Blessingway. They will share words of wisdom about preparing for birth and postpartum, and they will frequently include a small ceremony to commemorate the occasion.

Shamanic Soul Retrieval

In order to protect itself from the pain we all face during our lives, a portion of our beings or soul may flee, fracture, or hide. This is the idea behind soul retrieval. What we refer to as "soul loss"

Trauma can occasionally go all the way back to the womb or early childhood, and it may be caused by not having our needs addressed completely. Soul loss may be characterized by depression, unhappy relationships, a feeling of alienation, and a lack of ability to move forward.

Soul retrieval is a ceremonial invitation to step deeper into the terrain of your own life and, ultimately, to explore its power and beauty.

Past Life Regression

Past Life Regression is a gentle form of hypnotherapy that transports a person back in time to prior life or incarnations by gaining access to memories and experiences that are ordinarily locked in the subconscious mind. This can be done in person or virtually. 

Mushroom Ceremony

Are you prepared for greater originality and insight? Need some well-deserved "me-time" away from the daily grind?

This kind of ceremony is for those who desire to explore their internal world in-depth and fully experience the benefits of magic mushrooms. These are guided sessions. 

Cacao Ceremony

Book in advance for a private cacao ceremony for you and your guests.

Cacao is chocolate in its purest form, raw and unprocessed. Before a guided meditation, ceremonial-grade cacao is poured and sipped.

Sacred Heart Ceremony

Schedule a ceremony in your space to help awaken the heart chakra.

After sharing Ceremonial Grade Cacao and a micro-dose of Amanita Muscaria, you and your guests will be guided in a heart-opening meditation, followed by hands-on Reiki.

Home Spirit Clearing

Experience the serenity of your space renewed with our In-Home Spirit Clearing service. Sasha harnesses ancient techniques to cleanse and refresh your environment, ensuring that positive energies flourish and negative influences are dispelled. Reclaim harmony and balance within the comfort of your own home through this transformative journey.