The Core Offerings

River Reiki

Book a private Reiki treatment in Ellijay, Georgia, next to the Clear Creek River.

Take a short 10-minute stroll down to the river's edge, where your session will take place on one of the river's many boulders.

Mountain Reiki

Book a private Reiki session on the summit of Mount Oglethorpe in Jasper, GA.

The session will be held on the mountain's highest observation platform.

Group Reiki

Host a private group Reiki session. It's an opportunity to share sacred space with those that matter most to you.

Each person will receive a hands-on Reiki attunement, which will leave them feeling revitalized and balanced.

In-Office Reiki

Book a private in-office Reiki session in Blue Ridge, GA.

Crystal work, card readings, meditation, sound, and hands-on Reiki are all included in the two-hour session.

Sacred Heart Ceremony

Schedule a ceremony in your space to help awaken the heart chakra.

After sharing Ceremonial Grade Cacao and a micro-dose of Amanita Muscaria, you and your guests will be guided in a heart-opening meditation, followed by hands-on Reiki.

Private Cacao Ceremony

Book in advance for a private cacao ceremony for you and your guests.

Cacao is chocolate in its purest form, raw and unprocessed. Before a guide meditation, ceremonial grade cacao is poured and sipped.

Wedding Officiant

You've discovered your soulmate and want to formalize your relationship - congratulations!

Book for non-religious Humanist Ceremonies, Hand-tying Ceremonies, Same-Sex Ceremonies, and more.