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New Moon Circle

cACAO | mEDITATION | breathwork

Please join Sasha Brummer, Reiki Master & Shaman Apprentice, for our monthly New Moon Circle. 

This new moon gathering will take place on Wednesday, 22 Feb at 7 PM at Mountain Mama's Coffee Lounge.


What will the circle entail? 

New moons are a time to create, reset, and regenerate. The sky is dark on a new moon, resembling a blank canvas and a time of potential. 

A moon circle is exactly what it sounds like: a group of people gathering in the evening to harness the potent energy of the moon. 

We will be sipping on cacao while learning about this new moon, moving through meditation, and sharing (if we feel called to do so). 

Who is invited? 

Everyone! This is an all-inclusive circle. We will limit the number of attendees to 25.

What sign is the Moon in?

The Pisces new moon can be great for imagination and artistry. Pisces rules our imagination and the arts, so we can continue with creative energy, and can feel inspired in new ways.


What should I bring?

Please feel free to bring your own mug,  journal, and any nesting materials you may want to get cozy and comfy.

To donate, Venmo @SashaBrummer 

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