Lasting Transformations



Throughout the weekend, I will be offering mini Reiki healing sessions at both the Georgia Mushroom Festival and the Magic Mushroom Jam.

Before each session, you will sit with 1 gram of Amanita Muscaria for a few minutes before joining me and the mushrooms for a magical dive into yourself.

2oz Amanita Muscaria tinctures will be for sale as well.

When: 20 May - 22 May 2022

Where: Cave Springs, GA

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Vibrational Balance

Reiki + SOund Therapy

Please join us for a special sound immersion at Santosha.

At this event, you'll be receiving personalized Reiki from Reiki Master, Sasha Brummer while experiencing the sound bath. Alex Ballew of Secret River Sounds will be filling the room with deep tones from the gong, gentle melodies from the crystal harp, vibrations from singing bowls, rain sticks, bells, drums, and more.

Drift into the stillness below the mind and access the parasympathetic nervous system for an opportunity to let go, rejuvenate, feel grounded and become deeply relaxed.

Participants have an opportunity for emotional revelation, a chance to connect with themselves, and ultimately tap into their innate ability for self-healing.

What to bring: We encourage you to bring “nesting” materials such as blankets and warm socks for comfort. Dress comfortably and in layers! Yoga mats, blankets, and bolsters will be provided. Please bring clean water and your journal if journaling is in your practice.

When: June 26th, 2-4PM

Where: Santosha Studio: 896 Davis Dr NW, Atlanta, GA 30327

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