Lasting Transformations

 Ancestral Wisdom and Cacao Ceremony 

Step into the realm of a Samhain Ceremony, where we'll channel the energies of your ancestors for their timeless wisdom and guidance. As the veil between our world and the beyond thins, we'll take this opportunity to honor the spirit realm and beckon the presence of our forebears.

Embark on a gentle yet profound exploration of the exquisite essence of Cacao. This journey promises tranquility, meditation, and transformation. You'll partake in a Cacao ceremony, allowing you to unwind and embrace a profound sense of inner serenity. The ensuing bliss will leave you feeling rejuvenated and balanced.

Experience the profound connection between past and present with Sasha, an African Shaman, as she leads a captivating Cacao Ceremony and Shamanic Drumming event on October 28th at 6:30PM at Santosha, which sets the perfect ambiance for this unique occasion.

This event interweaves elements of ritual, guided meditation, shamanic drumming, rest, and healing. It's a chance to commence or further your inner odyssey, fostering personal growth and self-discovery. 

What should I bring?

To fully immerse yourself, remember to bring essentials like water, your yoga mat, cozy items for nesting, and a journal if it aligns with your practice. Given the intimate nature of the gathering, space is limited, so secure your spot in advance. Join us for an unforgettable evening of connection, introspection, and tranquility.


Schedule an event with me. 

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